"My mom is the best photographer and business woman. You can either purchase her training course now and build a better business or close the page and be sad." - d'Artagnan



Business Mastery Kickstarter

7 Video Lessons

The 5 most impactful things you can implement WITH EASE to grow your business

Business Fundamentals

8 Video Lessons

Find your purpose, set a 3-year vision with annual goals, focus your work, run promotions, visual & experience branding

Instagram Marketing Mastery

12 Video Lessons

How to impress people on Instagram so they DM you to inquire about your work

Website Marketing Mastery

17 Video Lessons

How to use a website to attract your ideal clients and make them excited to work with you

Search Engine Optimization

5 Video Lessons

How to get organic search traffic and show up on Google Search results. Principles, strategy, & tactics.

Business Tools & Automation Secrets

2 Video Lesson

Save time and get your clients to trust you with the PERFECT automations & business systems

Turn Leads Into Happy Clients

4 Video Lessons

Every step to turn leads into happy, high-paying clients who want to pay you lots of money

Pricing Strategy Guide & Templates

How to maximize cash flow at every stage of your business. Pricing templates and guides included!

Posing Guide Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak into our "Posing Guide" Course


Business Mastery Kickstarter - $250 Value

Business Fundamentals - $400 Value

Instagram Marketing Mastery - $500 Value

Website Marketing Mastery - $700 Value

Turn Leads Into Happy Clients - $500 Value

Pricing Strategy Guide & Templates - $1300 Value

Business Automation Secrets - $250 Value



"Brittny helped me scale to a multi-6-figure business!"

Working with Brittny transformed my business! Brittny’s guidance and expertise on marketing and social media enabled me to scale my business from a hobby to a multi-6-figure success in under 2 years. The education Brittny provided throughout our mentorship changed my business and allowed me to serve over 100 couples across the United States, and build a profitable associate team. I just booked my all time biggest package at $6,500, and I couldn’t have done it without Brittny. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Carys Benjamin

"I'm a better business owner because of Brittny!"

"Brittny is an expert at her craft. As a fellow photographer I have learned so much from her skills and business classes. She is extremely proficient and thoughtful when working with clients and other photographers. I’m a better photographer and business owner because of Brittny!" - Shantelle Rasmussen

"She's an actual Photography Wizard!"

"Brittny is an actual photography wizard! I’ve learned so much from her and her expertise. From effortless and natural posing tricks, Two tips on the lighting and composition and getting depth in my calories. I can’t say enough good about Brittni as my mentor and how it has improved my business!" - Heather Patterson

Master The Art of Photography & The


Consistent success as a professional photographer requires two separate skillsets - ART & BUSINESS. Literally the blend of your left and right brains!

I want to help you become the best artist AND the best business professional you can be. Let me guide you through the whirlwind of business in Photography Business Mastery. You'll finish the course knowing exactly what you need to focus on to grow your business.

"Working with Brittny is an absolute dream. She is kind and understanding… along with unbelievable knowledge. Brittny is truly top shelf and would suggested her to anyone wanting to build a photography business." - Brad Draper



  • Are you ready to get out of the "drowning machine" and get *clarity* on exactly the steps you need to take next?
  • Are you ready to start getting *momentum* by implementing proven business strategies and scale your business?


If you're anything like me, you've probably tried everything to book clients - free shoots, giveaways, and even the "bidding bloodbath" inside Facebook groups... Yuck...

Those never worked for me - even when I booked clients that way, it never seemed worth it.

Booking clients was hard.

Until... all the sudden... it was easy.

People that I had never met before started BEGGING me to take their pictures.

It wasn't because my work was beautiful - It was already beautiful.

It wasn't because my cameras were expensive - I already had great gear.

In fact, it wasn't because of anything to do with my art.

IT WAS BECAUSE I finally got my business systems working.

It was improving my inquiry process, website, sales calls, lead follow up, pricing strategy, automated texts, video messages, emails, voicemail drops, etc. (don't worry if that seems scary - we'll go slow and take it step-by-step).

It was building a "Booking Machine" that provided an incredible content experience for my clients from the time they "happened" to find me on social media all the way through them referring their friends and family to work with me after their wedding or boudoir session.

Less than a year later, I was booked out for 14 months with 4 weddings and 10 boudoir shoots each month. I even had to hire three associate photographers to shoot when I was already booked.

And I had to raise my prices FIVE times that year in an attempt to keep the inquiries from overwhelming me. I couldn't raise my prices fast enough to keep up with the demand!

Now, I want to give you the same chance to succeed with my Photography Business Mastery course.

"Mom's business training is the bomb. She's the smartest human I know - you'd be crazy to not beg for her knowledge and wisdom." - Fezzik


How your BUSINESS will improve:

More & better leads

More, better, & higher paying clients

More client referrals

You'll become a better artist

How your LIFE will improve:

You'll feel more peace because everything will be organized

You'll have more free time because dozens of tasks will be automated

You'll enjoy photography more because your business will be "systematized"

You'll like your clients more because you'll only work with your ideal clients

You'll NEVER have to do a photo shoot that you don't actually want to do

What you'll learn:

How to crush it on social media

How to crush it on your website to get more inquiries (even if you don't have a website yet)

How to automatically get leads to schedule a sales call

How to crush it on sales calls without feeling "salesy"

How to crush it on getting the lead to make a deposit on the call

How to automatically prepare the client for their shoot

How to crush it on the photo shoot and make the client say "WOW! you need to photograph my sister's wedding.

How to automatically get clients to leave google reviews & video reviews

How to crush it on getting return and referral clients

And so much more... there are hundreds of things I'll teach you - I'm just tired of typing them out...

Why We Built


We're sharing my business systems, training, and tools with other artists because I want to help. I'm giving away as much as I can because I know how difficult it is to make a great living as an artist.

The most pivotal point in my career was when my husband Chad (you'll hear more about him later) helped me get clarity on WHY I wanted a photography business in the first place. He helped me discover what I desired the business to provide in my life and establish a vision, purpose, and goals to achieve that desire.

After that, I could easily see how my day-to-day actions were building to something bigger - something that I chose and that inspired me!

Along with all the tactical things like booking clients and charging more, I also want to help you build a great career that actually gives you what you're looking for.


"Brittny was amazing! My husband and I do mentor sessions with her - she answers all our questions and is always helpful and kind. 100% recommend!" - Yibel Hernandez

Meet Chad - a "Business Artist"

He's the genius behind the sales, marketing, and automation systems that power my "Booking Machine."

Chad is the kind of husband that hears you complaining about your job so he spends his "truck money" to buy $12,000 worth of equipment so you can pursue your dreams 😍

But he's waaay more than a cheerleader - although I think he'd look great in tights. Chad is a business savant. He's the Director of Marketing for a software company with hundreds of employees and has started a few successful e-commerce companies (one of which makes over $2,000,000 annually).

So of course, as I was building my business, he kept trying to help...

😡 In the beginning it drove me crazy.

But every time I let him help, I'd book more clients...

It's taken us a few years, but now we're really good at working together :)

By applying his strategies and systems to my business, we've co-created the "Booking Machine."

The "Booking Machine" is the name we've given our system to get potential clients to inquire, book a sales call, book a session, pay a lot of money, have an incredible experience, refer their friends, and then come back a year later for another shoot.

It's not magic... but sometimes it feels that way.

I just had an unfair advantage because of Chad's help.

I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

After helping me solve a problem, improve a sales script, write a tough email, or automate something that I didn't even know was possible, I'd always say the same thing: "Not every photographer has a Chad."

Now you can have that same unfair advantage...

Chad and I built the "Booking Machine" for my business, and now we can show you how to build yours in the Photography Business Mastery course!

You'll see you how to build an incredible business that pays you a lot of money. Soon, you'll be booking more clients, raising your prices, and growing faster than you thought possible!

$997 Photography Business Mastery Course

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"My business skyrocketed after working with Brittny!"

"I did mentoring with Brittny and she is AMAZING! My business skyrocketed from social media after I applied the things I learned in her course. She is also super friendly and has a lot of knowledge in the business. Would highly recommend!"

- Melanie Brown